An accident could happen today

John woke up on a Tuesday morning, like every other day. His coffee was brewing as he was awake and ready for the day when the sun came up over his breakfast of eggs and sausage. As he looked out the window to the back yard, he thought of the dreams he shared with his wife and the week of work he had ahead.

His daughter was getting her driver’s license soon, and his son would be graduating high school in a few short months. His supervisor at work had recently given him a long list of tasks to accomplish, some of them outside his area of expertise. But, as he normally did, John faithfully adopted his new tasks and made a plan to accomplish them.

He finished his breakfast, cleaned off the table, and began gathering his things for the day. He kissed his wife goodbye as he picked up his bag and headed to the car.

Little did John know that this would be the day his life would change forever. His family would be changed forever. His financial outlook would change forever. And even the small, mundane tasks he had always taken for granted would soon become insurmountable obstacles to overcome.

John is not an actual person, but rather a symbol of many of our clients. The morning of the accident that changed their lives forever was just like every other morning. Just like your morning today.

The only difference is that on that day, John’s life would be broken into pieces that he and his family would have to pick up.

Thankfully, John and his family do not need to pick up the pieces alone. We are here to help.

When someone encounters a life changing accident or injury, the consequences are a heavy burden. The responsibilities of life are compounded as a breadwinner loses work and finances are lost. There are seemingly limitless forms to complete and paperwork to keep track of. All of this happens while a family copes with trauma and change.

It doesn’t matter if it was the result of a motor vehicle accident or a work-related injury, the challenges are real and immediate. This is not a journey one would want to take alone.

Slappey & Sadd, LLC is here to take care of your legal matters while you focus on recovery and getting back to your day-to-day life. Your contact with us will be an attorney, not be a paralegal or an assistant. We focus on our clients and have found that this one-to-one relationship is an effective system to getting results with impact.

We are on your side. We understand that when an accident or injury occurs, every facet of your life can be affected. We use our one-to-one personal attorney relationship to strive to know how your injury has impacted your life so that we may use every means the law allows to recoup damages for you.

We want John to focus on getting better while we handle the legal details. As a matter of fact, we’ve helped many “John’s” get back on their feet. If you would like to see what those “John’s” have to say, we have many results and testimonials posted on our website.

We make an effort to limit our cases to only the few that we truly believe wrongful injury or death has taken place. This allows us to focus on the clients we have and to give them the attention that they deserve. It also ensures that we have results with impact and a high rate of success for our valued clients.

If you believe you have suffered a wrongful injury or death of a loved one, our firm will provide you with a free consultation with no obligation from you. If we are not able to take your case, we will let you know why.

John’s life will forever be changed because of his accident or injury. He is left with the broken pieces to sort through and put back together, but he does not need to sort through the pieces alone.

We are looking out for John’s best interests and legal rights. We are on his side, and providing the legal support he needs to restore his life back to normal. He will get back on his feet. And we will be there to put his legal matters back in order.

One day soon, he will be sitting over breakfast again, dreaming about his future. He will kiss his wife goodbye on his way out the door, and the dark memories of his accident will be just that: memories.

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