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School buses picking children upAs families prepare for their children to head back to school in classrooms, often for the first time in a very long time, it’s a good idea to consider some school safety tips to follow.

COVID -19 Tips

As we’ve all learned, formally and informally, over the last year or so, in-person learning really matters. So, finding safe ways to return to the classroom is a high priority for your children. Since children under 12 can’t yet get vaccinated, it’s vital that they follow their state’s mask guidelines. The CDC says that anyone over the age of 2 who isn’t fully vaccinated should wear a mask indoors. Likewise, the CDC recommends at least 3 feet of physical distance between children in classrooms. Work with your children to make sure that they understand how critical it is to follow these rules. Consider getting masks for your children that feature characters, bright colors, or other endearing aspects. Some experts say that masks can upset children, so it’s important for you as a parent to provide reassurance. Finally, if your children feel sick or are exhibiting any symptoms of illness, be sure to keep them home – for their own good and that of their classmates.  

A busy construction siteConstruction is known to be one of the most dangerous occupations.  Unfortunately, some employers tend to prioritize completing projects on time and push workers to complete jobs in a hurry. In many cases, they end up compromising on costs and their workers’ safety.

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), 20% or 1,061 worker fatalities in the private industry were construction workers. Most accidents result from some form of negligence like unsafe worksite conditions, improper tools, and lack of protection.

Causes of construction accidents

A dog baring its teethAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs every year in the United States. Dog bites are not only painful but can lead to complications. Thankfully, in many cases, victims are entitled to compensation under Georgia law. If you or a loved one has been injured by a dog, you should call one of our Atlanta dog bite lawyers as soon as possible.

Georgia dog bite laws

In most states, the owner is strictly liable for any injuries inflicted by their animal. However, Georgia is a ‘negligence’ dog bite state, meaning that owners get “one free bite” before they are held liable.

Two young girls swimming in a poolWith summer here and the pandemic seeminly receding, practically everyone is looking forward to spending quality family time with family and friends. This may call for elaborate family vacations or something as simple as barbecues and spending days in the pool. 

There’s no doubt you look forward to the cool pool waters as a respite from the hot weather. However, it’s also important to beware of these swimming pool risks and keep yourself safe. In the unfortuante event that you or your loved one has already suffered injuries in a pool accident, you should call our Atlanta personal injury lawyers today.

Common Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents

A busy construction siteThousands of people are injured at work every year. Despite how common workplace injuries are, many people are confused about their options and where to turn for help. Below, our Atlanta personal injury lawyers answer some of the most commonly asked questions about workplace accidents.

Where do Workplace Accidents Occur?

Workplace accidents can happen anywhere. Of course, some jobs are more dangerous than others, but even office workers or retail employees can be seriously injured on the job.

brain-3168269_1920-300x181While you may think that traumatic brain injuries are all similar, the term actually covers various injuries that cause problems with how the brain works. Depending on the TBI’s severity, it may resolve without any medical intervention or require lifelong treatment. Here are some FAQs about TBIs. 

What Exactly is a Traumatic Brain Injury? 

TBI is basically brain damage due to trauma, like a significant blow to your head. This results in the brain moving forcefully and suddenly inside your skull, causing a primary injury that damages your brain. In turn, this primary injury leads to secondary injuries in the brain’s cells, blood vessels, and chemical signals. Consequently, these secondary injuries cause more destruction and damage to the brain. 

A semi truck on the highwayAlthough driver error or fatigue is the most common cause of truck accidents, some truck accidents also occur due to poor safety inspections and maintenance. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the main goal of regular commercial vehicle inspections is to discover potentially hazardous conditions to avoid accidents, determine mechanical issues, and prevent roadside inspection failure. In the event that you are hurt in an accident with a commercial truck, you should call our Atlanta truck accident lawyers immediately.

The FMCSA Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection Requirements

All commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) should be inspected based on FMCSA guidelines every 12 months. A qualified inspector with certification or training to maintain and inspect CMVs must conduct the inspection. Take note that CMVs also include every vehicle in combination vehicles. For instance, in full trailer, tractor semitrailer combinations, the full trailer, semitrailer, and tractor (and converter dolly, if applicable) should be inspected annually.

Route 66As the U.S. reopens, the AAA expects roughly 37 million individuals to travel between Thursday and Monday this Memorial Day weekend. This is a massive increase from 2020’s record low travel rate. The AAA also states that this number is a 60% increase from the previous year when only about 20 million people traveled for Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately, summer travel also means summer car accidents for some people. If you’re hurt in a crash this summer, be sure to call the Atlanta car accident lawyers at Slappey & Sadd immediately.

Most Memorial Day Weekend Travelers are Driving

The majority of travelers, about 34 million, this Memorial Day weekend will take to the road instead of the skies to reach their destinations. Travelers can expect higher gas prices, which are at their highest since 2014. Additionally, although the number of travelers who will be flying, roughly 2.5 million, will still be lower than last year and 2019, this number represents a whopping 577% increase from 2020. 

A man swimming in a pool One of the top causes of unintentional death among kids aged between one and four years old is drowning. In 2017, approximately 163 children below 15 years old drowned and died in swimming pools and spas, based on reports by the USA Swimming Foundation, a campaign partner of Pool Safely. Of the 162 kids, 112  were under five years old.

Although swimming pools and various swimming spots usually offer fun retreats and entertainment from the heat, they could likewise cause severe injuries, and sometimes, even death. Whether it’s diving into shallow water or slipping and falling, swimming pools are among the leading causes of all kinds of accidents and personal injuries. If you or your child is hurt in a pool accident, you should call our personal injury lawyers in Atlanta immediately.

Common Causes of Accidents in Swimming Pools

A graphic of a person's head showing the brain in the skullpproximately 165 people in the U.S. die from traumatic brain injuries or TBIs daily, according to the CDC. TBIs are life-altering for the victims but for their families as well. Some people who survive a TBI will experience a quick and complete recovery. Oftentimes, however, others will need a couple of months or years to heal, and some may not even completely recover. If you or a loved one has suffered a TBI due to another individual’s negligence or intentional actions, you’re entitled to pursue compensation from the liable party for all your current and future losses.

Different Causes of TBIs 

TBIs result from a blow to the head or other serious head injuries. They can occur anywhere, at any age, and from various causes, including the following.  

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