A woman receiving a massageGiven the rising cost of healthcare and insurance, it’s perhaps not surprising that more and more people are turning to alternative medicine for minor and even major illnesses. However, there are serious consequences to consider, and juries are starting to hold practitioners liable for the aftermath. In a case reported by the Los Angeles Times earlier this month, an alternative medicine practitioner by the name of Robert Young was held liable for advising a cancer patient to forgo traditional medical care. The plaintiff in the case was awarded $105 million, more than double what she was seeking. The woman now has stage 4 cancer, and doctors have estimated that she has only three or four years left to live.  

Negligence and Fraud

In her lawsuit, the plaintiff argued that Mr. Young’s practice was negligent and fraudulent. The jury obviously agreed after hearing a considerable amount of evidence, spending only three hours in deliberation. The plaintiff’s attorney hopes that the “cure-all cancer industry” will take notice, and stop taking advantage of desperate people overwhelmed with a life-threatening illness.  

A trampolineWhen you think back to being a kid, some of your fondest memories may involve the thrill of exploration and discovery – riding your bike around the neighborhood, playing in the woods, enjoying your new-found freedom. When you think back to those experiences, you remember what it was like and how ordinary places held a certain mysterious attraction. Unfortunately, those places are often unsafe for children, with many hidden dangers that can result in serious injury or even death.   

Accidents happen, but property owners have a special duty towards making their property safe for children. If your child has been injured on someone else’s property, this post explains why you may have a claim.  

What Is an Attractive Nuisance?

office-1516329_1920-300x199We recently wrote about why people should call a lawyer when they’ve been injured in an accident. If you’re hesitant about picking up the phone (or sending that email), keep in mind that most personal injury attorneys offer a free initial consultation. As a result, it won’t cost you anything other than time to speak with an attorney about your claim.  

Coming to the consultation prepared serves a tremendous benefit to both sides, and helps the case move forward quickly and efficiently should you decide to pursue the claim.  

Bring Your Documents

A snowy street with cars parked on either side.Georgians may not see a lot of snow, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to deal with hazardous winter driving conditions. If you get in a car accident this winter, many people will tell you that it was “just an accident,” suggesting that no one is at fault. This isn’t always the case, and if you’ve been injured, an experienced personal injury attorney can assess whether the other driver is at fault and help you get you the compensation you may be entitled to.  

In this post, we’re going to cover some common winter driving hazards and how driver error may establish fault in the event of an accident.  

Snow Storms

A judge's gavelIf you get injured in an accident, there are multiple issues to consider. First, you need to figure out who is at fault.  Then you need to determine how much compensation you are entitled to receive. Finally, you need to navigate the process for actually getting your claim paid. In most accident cases, someone’s insurance company pays the claim – the at-fault person doesn’t often pay for your injuries out of his or her pocket.  

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the claims process can get pretty complicated once insurance companies get involved. Even if liability or the value of your claim is not in dispute, the insurance company may delay or even refuse to pay the claim. This can create tremendous hardship for the victim. You should be focused on putting your life back together rather than worrying about whether you can pay your bills.  

Bad Faith Defined

A large cruise ship on turquoise waterAs winter approaches, many of us take to the high seas to escape the winter gloom. A week of relaxation, great food, and a beautiful view can be just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen on board cruise ships, and can result in serious injury. If you’ve been injured on a cruise ship as a result of the cruise line’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. The attorney’s at Slappey & Sadd can evaluate your claim, explain your options, and get you the help you need.  

Common Cruise Ship Injuries

Many of the most common accidents on cruise ships are the same as accidents that can happen anywhere else. On a cruise ship, however, the injuries can be more severe due to the nature of the environment. To make matters worse, treatment options are limited and may be delayed until you can make it to port.  


Two books and a gavel resting on a desk.

“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”  But do good neighbors try to cheat you out of coverage that you paid for, and then rig the courts to avoid responsibility? This is the exact scenario that was alleged in some litigation filed on behalf of millions of policyholders. The litigation was settled last month for $250 million dollars. 

Round One: The Original Claim

Older man resting his hands on a cane.Elder abuse is a tragic topic – no one wants to think about our seniors suffering abuse at the hands of those who are supposed to be taking care of them. But it’s important to remember that elder abuse isn’t limited to physical abuse. Elder abuse also includes neglect.  

Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and even in-home care services are contractually obligated to ensure that those in their care are receiving proper care. When they fail to provide medicine, food, or simply fail to make sure their needs are being met, they may be held liable for their neglect.  

What Neglect Looks Like

virus-1812092_1920-300x150An alarming tragedy is unfolding in New Jersey – nine children have died as a result of a viral outbreak at a nursing home in Haskell, New Jersey. The New Jersey Department of Health has prohibited the facility from admitting any new patients until the outbreak has been resolved.

A Virus Associated with Communal Living

The illness that has caused the outbreak is an adenovirus, which is a virus that infects the linings of the respiratory tract and other membranes. It is believed that this particular strain of adenovirus is one that flourishes in communal living environments. It is reported that a total of 25 patients at the New Jersey facility have been diagnosed with adenovirus, which manifests itself as mild to severe cold-like illness. Unfortunately, adenovirus can then cause other illnesses, such as bronchitis, diarrhea, and even pneumonia.

inside-2601081_1920-300x200Most of us are pretty excited to board a plane, especially when you’re flying to a vacation destination. Even when traveling for work, flying to another location often brings a welcome change of scenery. For some of us, however, flying brings some nervousness and anxiety – it’s hard not to worry about a plane crash or some other serious incident. That said, we tend to forget about the run-of-the-mill accidents that can happen while flying. Even though these aren’t as scary as a plane crash, these accidents can lead to serious injuries. If you do get injured while flying, the airline may be responsible for your medical bills and other losses, so it’s important to speak to an attorney after you’re injured on an airplane.

The Airline’s Duty to You

It’s important to understand that the airline has a responsibility to ensure that you are safe while on the plane. If the airline fails to take steps to ensure your safety, they have been negligent and may be held liable for your injury. Here are some ways that airlines may fail to ensure the safety of their passengers:  

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