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People who ride bicycles around town know that there are certain risks to their activities but still generally feel comfortable while riding. Many situations can arise, however, that lead to bicycle accidents in which people suffer serious injuries. 

The injuries that are possible in a bicycle accident are almost limitless, with some people only suffering minor harm that heals relatively quickly while many others can be dealing with injuries that will require several months if not years of rehabilitation. When another party is at fault for a bicycle accident, then that party could be liable for a person’s injuries. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident area in the area, call us today to speak with a bicycle accident lawyer in Atlanta.

Types of Bicycle Accidents

Two cyclists biking on a streetPre-COVID, more and more Americans each year were commuting to work on bicycles. While still a small fraction of overall daily commuters, numbers were on the rise. While no statistics are available on bicycle commuting during the pandemic, continued growth in bicycle commuting likely stalled. After all, many Americans suddenly found themselves in “nonessential” jobs and were either laid off or otherwise found themselves unemployed. However, it seems likely that the upward trend in commuting via bicycle will continue as life becomes a little more normal, whenever that might turn out to be. 

If so, then bicycle accidents in traffic crashes likely will become an issue again.

In 2018, there were 857 traffic fatalities among bicycle riders. Each year, there are about 450,000 bicycle-related injuries nationwide. Whether commuting, exercising, or just out for some fun, bicycle riders on the roadways have the same rights – and responsibilities – as any other vehicle on the roads. Given their near-total lack of protection, bicyclists involved in a traffic accident are far more likely to be injured, perhaps seriously, than the occupants of a car or truck. If you were the injured bicyclist, how do you determine your damages from a traffic accident?

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