Amusement Park Accidents

It’s summertime, and so millions of families across the country will be heading out in search of rollercoasters, waterslides, and other thrill rides. Some will head to the carnival at the local fair, while others may travel hundreds of miles to expansive theme parks. Amusement parks can be a ton of fun, but many people don’t realize that, unfortunately, accidents do happen. These accidents can result in serious injury.  

Park Ride Injuries

In June, local news outlets reported that a 16-year-old was injured on a park ride at Lake Winnie. It was the fourth incident within a week – one woman broke her foot on a water ride, and two injuries happened on a roller coaster called the Wild Lightning. One of the people who was injured on the Wild Lightning required surgery for her injuries. The ride was temporarily closed during safety concerns.  

In Daytona Beach, Florida, two passengers were seriously injured last month when they fell 34 feet to the ground when a roller coaster derailed. 6 of the 10 passengers on the ride were taken to the hospital for treatment.  

As with any other premises liability claim, amusement parks owe their patrons a duty of care in maintaining and operating the park. However, park ride injuries can also be caused by manufacturing defects with the ride or safety equipment. Here are some of the common causes of park ride injuries:

  • Mechanical failures resulting from the park’s failure to maintain the ride or a manufacturing defect.
  • Inadequate signage or instruction that helps patrons enjoy the rides and the park safely.
  • Improper operation of the ride due to poor training of park employees.

Park Safety

In addition to safely maintaining and operating the rides, amusement parks have a duty to provide a safe environment for their guests. As a result, parks are staffed with security and other measures intended to prevent and deter crime.  

You may have recently read about the 2007 incident at Six Flags in Atlanta, where a teen was brutally beaten and suffered severe injuries. The case has been in litigation for years, but the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that Six Flags should be held liable for the bulk of a multi-million dollar award for the teen’s injuries. The gang members had been roaming the park for hours, harassing and threatening various park guests. The Court found that Six Flags did not provide adequate security, and therefore breached its duty to its guests.  

Slip, Trip, and Fall

Amusement parks are under the same obligations as any other property owner to ensure that guests can safely walk and get around the property. As a result, it should be free from tripping hazards, potholes, or other hazards that can result in injury. In other instances, the park may be under the obligation to provide signage or other measures to warn patrons to watch their step., such as putting out a “wet floors” sign after mopping. If you fall on the property and are injured, the park may be liable for your damages as a result of its failure to maintain the property or provide adequate signage.  

Georgia Amusement Park and Carnival Injury Attorneys

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