Anatomy of An Insurance Bad Faith Trial

Attorneys Rich Dolder and Jay Sadd literally wrote the book on insurance bad faith claims in Georgia.  This post is to highlight the presentation entitled, “Anatomy of An Insurance Bad Faith Trial” that was given by Rich Dolder at the Punitive Damages iCLE Seminar held at the State Bar Of Georgia.

This seminar was held earlier today, and Rich Dolder represented Slappey and Sadd, while he spoke to the audience regarding insurance bad faith.

Insurance Bad Faith claims are some of the most complex cases to litigate; however, the team at Slappey & Sadd are exceptionally well versed in handling these types of cases, while also possessing the courage to face the insurance companies head on.

Insurance Bad Faith rarely occurs, and when bad faith does occur, it is even more rare for attorneys to be in a position to properly litigate these cases.  Slappey and Sadd has partnered with numerous law firms across the southeast on insurance bad faith cases.

Thank you to those who attended, it is the belief of our firm that as attorneys we must position ourselves to effectively litigate bad faith cases.


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