Common Birth Injuries That May Due to Medical Malpractice

For parents, grandparents, friends and extended family, there are few things in life as joyful as the birth of a child. Maybe that is why birth injuries or defects can be so upsetting – what should be a joyful time becomes fraught with fear and anxiety.  It can all be terribly overwhelming, but at a certain point, you need to ask the difficult question – who is responsible for my child’s suffering?

To be clear, not every birth injury is the result of medical malpractice. We are blessed with an excellent health care system in this country, staffed by some of the most highly-trained medical professionals in the world.  However, accidents can and do happen, and these accidents can severely affect the health of your child. In this post, we’ll be covering some common birth injuries that may be the result of medical malpractice. If your child is suffering from one of these injuries, you may want to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney.  

Birth Asphyxia

Birth asphyxia occurs when the baby is deprived of oxygen, and this injury can result in brain damage. It may be caused by issues with the umbilical cord, the uterus, or the placenta.  Birth asphyxia can sometimes be the result of the doctor’s failure to adequately monitor for signs of the baby’s distress during labor and delivery, and subsequent failure to take action such as by performing an emergency c-section.  

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is caused by brain damage that may be the result of a lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain during pregnancy, labor, or delivery.  It could also be caused by premature birth. Cerebral palsy can result in various motor function impairments, such as weakened muscles, spasms, impaired vision, and seizures.  Cerebral palsy is a permanent condition for which there is currently no cure.

Similar to birth asphyxia, medical professionals may be held liable for this injury if you can prove that the doctor or other professionals failed to recognize that the baby was not getting enough oxygen.  Doctors can also be negligent by failing to take corrective action, such as by conducting an emergency c-section.

Brachial Plexus Injuries

The brachial plexus is a network of nerves that control movement and sensation in the arm and hand.  They can be injured during birth if the doctor negligently delivers the baby, by misusing equipment, pulling too hard on the baby’s arms or shoulders, or allowing the baby to be born feet-first.  

Brachial plexus injuries can range from minor injuries that will heal over a few months to permanent disabilities and even complete paralysis.  

Bone Fractures

Bone fractures, particularly of the baby’s collarbone, are quite common during difficult births.  While they aren’t likely to be permanent, they can possibly result in nerve damage or other issues.  They may be caused by misuse of medical equipment, pulling too hard on the baby, or failing to adequately prepare for a difficult birth.  

Georgia Birth Injury Attorneys

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