Jury Awards Accident Victim $1.028 million

In November, a Pennsylvania jury awarded a victim over one million dollars for injuries suffered after he was sideswiped by an energy exploration water truck. The case is a reminder that accident victims do not have to suffer in silence but should pursue monetary compensation for their physical and mental anguish.

Hit and Run

The victim, Rocco Mazzei, had been driving on U.S. 50 near the Harrison and Doddridge line when he pulled five feet off the highway to talk on his cell phone. At that point, he was sideswiped by the energy exploration water truck whose driver did not stop.

Mazzei suffered extensive injuries, including a herniated disk in his back that has caused pain and numbness in his hands and feet.  However, most of the one million he was awarded was for pain and suffering, as well as for loss of enjoyment of life. According to testimony, Mazzei was in constant pain and was unable to fish, which was his favorite hobby. Mazzei, a lawyer, had also seen his law practice impacted by the accident.

Documenting Your Injuries

To prevail in a personal injury lawsuit, you’ll need to convince a jury that the defendant’s actions caused you harm. To make this showing, you’ll need high-quality evidence that jurors will find compelling. Accident victims can receive compensation for the following:

  •         Reimbursement of the costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation
  •         Replacement of lost wages
  •         Compensation for pain and suffering

Getting reimbursed for medical treatment and lost wages is perhaps the easiest to prove. Remember to hold onto all medical bills, including receipts for prescription drugs, and show them to your lawyer. Also, document how much money you normally make by finding recent pay stubs or proof of self-employment income.

Proving pain and suffering is more complicated, but you can help yourself by keeping a journal in which you document the pain you feel daily and how it has disrupted your life. Also, family and friends can testify about how the injury has prevented you from pursuing your hobbies or maintaining close relationships.

Expert Witness Key

As happens in many car accident lawsuits, Mazzei relied on an orthopedic surgeon to connect the accident to his injuries. Jurors are not trained medical professionals and can’t rely on their own experience when deciding whether someone’s actions caused you harm. By calling an expert, Mazzei was able to show that the defendant was legally responsible for the pain he feels and therefore should be financially responsible as well.

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