The Importance of Expert Witnesses in Automobile Accident Lawsuits

Automobile accidents can cause broken bones, burns, and other injuries, potentially costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages. You need compensation to help you recover, and for this reason, it can be beneficial to sue the person responsible for the accident. But do you know how to prove to a judge or jury that the other side is to blame? To bring an effective case, you’ll probably need expert witness testimony.

Accident Reconstructionists

An accident reconstructionist helps bring the accident to life for the judge and jury. They listen to all testimony and review the evidence, such as the final resting places of the vehicles, before reconstructing what happened. For example, a reconstructionist can offer expert testimony on the following:

  •         The speed each vehicle was traveling
  •         The angle of collision
  •         The views each driver had before the crash
  •         What actions each driver took before the accident

The reconstructionist will probably create a visual model of the accident, using either computer software or 3D models. A good accident reconstructionist expert should have training in physics and engineering, as well as in law enforcement.


Sometimes a driver is injured because a vehicle has been defectively manufactured or because the vehicle design itself was defective. In these situations, you’ll need an experienced engineer who can explain in simple language what was wrong with the vehicle and how it caused your injury. You can be sure that the manufacturer will have an expert testifying nothing is wrong with the vehicle design, so you will be at a disadvantage if you don’t have an expert as well.

Medical Experts

To increase your chances of receiving compensation, you’ll need to show how the accident injured you. As a result, any doctor who treats you will become an expert who will explain the severity of your injury and the extent of your pain and suffering. If your injury is particularly serious, the doctor will explain what future medical treatment you’ll need and your chances of making a full recovery.


You can also receive compensation if an accident forces you to stop working, but you need to prove how much you’ve lost in wages. In some lawsuits, it’s pretty straightforward. For example, you might have been out of work for one month before returning. In this situation, you can submit pay slips to show how much you would have made in the four weeks you were out of work.

Sometimes, however, it’s harder to estimate the amount of lost wages. For example, your injury might be permanent, in which case you can’t return to your old job. You might have to take a different job with lower pay, or you might not be able to work at all. In these situations, an economist will testify as an expert about how much money you realistically could have made in the future if you hadn’t been injured.

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