Where Fatal Car Accidents Happen

A severely damaged red carA new study released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sheds some interesting light on fatal car accidents. The report compares accident fatality rates between urban and rural areas and reveals some interesting conclusions. By studying where fatal car accidents happen, perhaps we can better understand their causes, and reduce the number of people who are killed in car accidents every year.  

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Fatalities in Urban vs. Rural Areas

In preparing its report, the NHTSA studied the more than 34,000 fatal car accidents that took place in 2017. It concluded the following: 

  • 45% occurred in rural areas or 15,565 fatalities
  • 52% occurred in urban areas or 17,840 fatalities

Interestingly, the NHTSA reports that fatal accidents in rural areas are in decline, while fatal car accidents in urban areas are trending upward. 

Rural Areas Are Over-Represented

When you look at the percentages, there are approximately 2,000 fewer accidents in rural areas than urban ones. This makes sense because there are fewer people and less traffic in rural areas. However, when you compare it against the population, you quickly realize that rural areas are overrepresented. Fatal traffic accidents in rural areas were more than twice as high per miles traveled than in urban areas. 

Some Other Interesting Statistics

The NHTSA’s report contains a number of other interesting statistics concerning fatal car accidents in rural vs. urban areas: 

  • The percentage of alcohol-related fatalities was the same in both urban and rural areas, representing 31% of the total for each area.
  • For both areas, drivers aged 25-34 were the most likely to be killed in a car accident.
  • 26% of all fatal car accidents were determined to be speeding-related. The percentages remain almost the same when broken down by urban (27%) and rural (26%). 
  • For the state of Georgia, 36% of fatal car accidents happened in rural areas, while 63% happened in urban areas. 

Slappey & Sadd – Helping Victims and Their Families Get the Compensation They Deserve

While these statistics are interesting, they really don’t portray the pain and suffering caused by a serious car accident. Fatal car accidents can destroy a family. At Slappey & Sadd, we believe people who are negligent should be held accountable for their actions – their victims deserve to be fairly compensated for the harm they have suffered. If you or a loved one is the victim of a car accident, contact the Atlanta car accident attorneys at Slappey & Sadd to schedule a free consultation – call us at 404-255-667 today!

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