Why You Should Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer if You’ve Been Injured

Gavel, law book, and paper with the text "personal injury"Maybe you’ve been in an accident and you’re hurting. It’s a difficult and harried time – doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, you’re missing work, and the bills are piling up. Unfortunately, many people struggle through instead of getting the help they need. A personal injury attorney can help you through this process and give you peace of mind so that you can focus on your recovery and your future. In this post, we’re going to discuss exactly how a lawyer can help you move forward.   

Claim Evaluation

The first thing a personal injury attorney can do is help you evaluate your claim. In some cases, it’s clear that your injury is the result of someone else’s negligence, but it can be difficult to sort out in most cases, especially when you’re in pain. In fact, many people don’t realize that they they should pursue a claim until it’s too late.  An experienced personal injury attorney can clarify the factors that caused your accident and determine whether or not someone else’s carelessness was the cause. From there, your lawyer can then determine the likelihood of success if you decide to pursue the at-fault party.

Claim Management and Guidance

If you’ve been injured in your accident, you will soon discover that there is a lot of paperwork to keep track of and phone calls to make. Your lawyer can help you manage this process by being the primary point of contact. He or she will also manage all of the paperwork, and help you carefully document your claim in order to prove your losses. Your lawyer can also help manage the bills that you may not have the ability to pay while everything gets sorted out.  

Your lawyer will also provide guidance regarding how the claim should be handled. Insurance companies can be quite aggressive and pressure you to settle your claim right away. Your lawyer will give you advice as to whether their offer is fair, and when is the appropriate time to settle. An experienced attorney may even be able to refer you to the right doctors and therapists in order to receive the best possible care.  

What Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Many people don’t bother pursuing the claim because they think their health insurance will cover all of their bills. While your health insurance may cover a large portion of your claim, it’s important to understand what it won’t cover. Here are some of the expenses you may be facing if you’ve been injured in an accident:  

  • Deductibles and copays
  • Any treatment that your insurance company considers to be not medically necessary
  • Lost wages
  • PTSD, stress and anxiety caused by the accident
  • Loss of mobility, pain and suffering, inability to live your life as you did prior to the accident

Why You Should Contact Slappey & Sadd – Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys

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