What Exactly Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Workers on a roofWorkers’ compensation is a lifeline for people who are unable to work due to injury. If you’re injured, the first step is understanding what injuries are covered and what benefits you are entitled to. 

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The Basics of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a no-fault system of insurance coverage. In the state of Georgia, any employer with three or more employees is required to carry workers’ compensation. In the event that you are injured, you can then make a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. You will begin receiving your benefits relatively quickly. 

The crucial point is that you don’t have to prove that your employer was at fault or responsible for your injury or illness in any way. All you need to prove is that you were injured while you were on the job or “in the course of your employment.” For this reason, workers’ compensation can be a lifesaver for someone who is injured or sick and unable to work. 

You are eligible for workers’ comp benefits if you are out of work for at least seven days. In order to receive your benefits, you will have to complete some paperwork and file an application. The process can be somewhat complicated, but an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you navigate it successfully. 

The Benefits You Are Entitled to Receive

Once your application is approved, you can then begin receiving workers’ compensation benefits. The basic benefits are as follows:

  • Income: up to two-thirds of your weekly wages up to a maximum weekly benefit of $575. 
  • Unlimited medical expenses
  • Partial and total disability benefits
  • Mileage reimbursement

Although workers’ comp may not cover your entire income, it is certainly better than losing your income altogether. That said, check with your employer to see if they have a group disability policy that may help cover the gap between your actual income and the amount covered by workers’ comp. 

Injuries and Illnesses Covered

For whatever reason, people generally expect to be covered for sudden, acute injuries that are sustained while on the job. For example – 

  • Injuries suffered from falls
  • Overexertion injuries such as back injuries
  • Injuries caused while operating heavy equipment or machinery
  • Broken bones, severed limbs, spinal or head injuries

However, many people fail to realize that the following injuries, injuries, or conditions are also covered by workers’ comp:

  • Repetitive Motion/ Repetitive Strain Injuries: injuries that are caused by hundreds or thousands of repetitive motions that take place in the course of your employment. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or a deteriorating back condition.
  • Environmental illnesses: illness caused by prolonged exposure to toxic substances. These substances can range from toxic mold to chemicals and other hazardous materials. 
  • Workplace violence: if you are injured while on the job by another person, including employees or members of the public, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation coverage. 

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