Birth Injuries: Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 2) 

A baby's hand in an adult's handChildbirth is one of the most beautiful moments in a mother’s life, and yet can also be tremendously overwhelming. In the hours and days following the birth of your child, you may begin to worry that something isn’t quite right with your baby. Many mothers are afraid to trust themselves, doubting that something could have gone wrong. Trust your instincts – birth injuries are more common than you think. 

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What is a Birth Injury?

To put it simply, a birth injury is an injury caused to the child during birth. The injury is sustained while the child moves through the birth canal as a result of physical pressure caused during the birthing process. 

How Common are Birth Injuries?

Birth injury statistics are difficult to come by for a variety of reasons, but some claim that as many as 7 children per 1,000 births suffer a birth injury in the United States every year. 

What Causes Birth Injuries?

Most birth injuries are, unfortunately, the result of the natural birthing process. Many, however, are the result of medical malpractice. This is an important distinction – if your child has suffered a birth injury, you will be able to recover compensation only if it was the result of medical malpractice. 

Are Factors that Increase the Risk of Birth Injuries? 

There are factors that can increase the risk of a birth injury. In some cases, a birth injury may be the natural consequence of these factors and unavoidable. In other cases, the birth injury may be caused by a failure to account for these factors and adjust the delivery accordingly. Some of the factors that may increase the risk of birth injury are as follows: 

  • The mother is overweight
  • The size or shape of the mother’s vagina makes a normal birth difficult
  • Prolonged labor
  • The baby is in an unusual position for delivery (i.e. not head-first)
  • The baby is unusually large
  • The baby is born prematurely

What Non-Natural Factors May Result in a Birth Injury?

The natural factors that can cause a birth injury are sometimes unavoidable, or may simply require that the child be delivered via cesarean section. A c-section can result in a birth injury if it isn’t performed properly. The use of certain medical devices, such as a vacuum or forceps, can also cause a birth injury. 

When is Medical Malpractice the Cause of a Birth Injury

Birth injury cases are complex and determining whether the injury was caused by malpractice requires careful analysis. That said, here are some common examples of medical malpractice that can lead to a birth injury: 

  • Failing to adequately monitor the baby’s oxygen levels during birth
  • Deciding to deliver a baby too early
  • Failing to identify particular risks or misdiagnosis specific conditions

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