Can Office Workers get Workers’ Compensation?

Three people having a meeting in an officeMany people might not think they qualify for workers’ compensation and that workers’ comp is for only people with dangerous jobs, like construction workers, commercial fishermen, or other high-risk occupations. Office workers probably don’t think too much about workers’ comp. Can you get workers’ compensation benefits for paper cuts? An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can answer this question and make sure that you get any benefits to which you are entitled.

The fact is, though, that almost anyone with a job qualifies for workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured on the job.  And that is the primary requirement for receiving worker’s compensation benefits – that you be injured during the course of your employment. There are certain conditions, but nothing in worker’s compensation law requirements that you be engaged in a particular kind of work. The program is employment-based, with no regard for what that employment entails.

Almost All Jobs Are Covered by Workers’ Compensation

The purpose of workers’ compensation insurance – paid for by your employer and managed by a state agency – is to provide employees who are injured on the job with medical benefits, including any necessary rehabilitation, and income benefits to pay for necessary care and replace any wages lost while recovering from your workplace injury. If you lose your life as a result of a workplace injury, your dependents will receive benefits. This coverage applies regardless of any negligence or fault you might have involving the accident. In exchange, employees covered by worker’s compensation are not allowed to sue their employer regarding their injuries. There are exceptions, but they are limited. 

The reason most employees in Georgia are covered by workers’ compensation is that the law requires that almost any employer with at least three employees is required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance covering those employees. This includes part-time employees. Any employer required to provide workers’ compensation coverage and do not will be liable for any benefits that would have been paid under state workers’ compensation benefit schedules.

In addition, the type of business is not limited to “dangerous” occupations. Office workers are covered the same as construction workers. In fact, repetitive motion injuries – common among people whose jobs involve a lot of typing or computer use – are among the top 10 most common workplace injuries. In fact, federal studies have found that repetitive motion injuries are responsible for the longest median absence from work of any workplace injuries. Also, the leading cause of workplace injuries is overexertion injuries, resulting from pushing, pulling, lifting, or carrying objects – including, for example, lifting boxes of printer paper, a common activity for many office workers.

There are occupations that are exempt from workers’ compensation coverage requirements in Georgia. These include:

  • Domestic employees, such as maids and cooks
  • Farmers and farm laborers
  • Federal employees
  • Railroad employees
  • Sports officials

Workers’ compensation laws also do not cover independent contractors, business partners, and others who are not statutory employees.

If You Have Been Injured On the Job, Contact The Atlanta Worker’s Compensation Attorneys of Slappey & Sadd

If you were hurt while performing your job, you most likely are eligible for workers’ compensation. Most workers’ comp cases simply involve filing for benefits following your accident. Sometimes claims become more complicated, though, and you might need professional assistance to obtain the compensation you are entitled to. Contact the attorneys at Slappey & Sadd for a free consultation to discuss your case. Our attorneys serve the entire state of Georgia, including Smyrna, Decatur, and Marietta. 

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