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Three people having a meeting in an officeMany people might not think they qualify for workers’ compensation and that workers’ comp is for only people with dangerous jobs, like construction workers, commercial fishermen, or other high-risk occupations. Office workers probably don’t think too much about workers’ comp. Can you get workers’ compensation benefits for paper cuts? An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can answer this question and make sure that you get any benefits to which you are entitled.

The fact is, though, that almost anyone with a job qualifies for workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured on the job.  And that is the primary requirement for receiving worker’s compensation benefits – that you be injured during the course of your employment. There are certain conditions, but nothing in worker’s compensation law requirements that you be engaged in a particular kind of work. The program is employment-based, with no regard for what that employment entails.

Almost All Jobs Are Covered by Workers’ Compensation

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