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A doctor holding a chartA Philadelphia jury recently awarded $34 million in damages to a woman injured by a defective medical device. The device was a blood filter that was designed to prevent blood clots from traveling into the woman’s lungs. The filter was designed and intended to be removable, but in 2016, doctors were unable to remove the device after a three-hour medical procedure. The device punctured her inferior vena cava vein (one of the main veins into your heart) as well as her aorta, renal vein, and pancreas. The woman’s attorney argued that the device could cause organ failure and even death so long as it remains in her body.  

Shifting the Blame

The plaintiff claimed that the manufacturer, Rex Medical, knew that the device was potentially dangerous and could become embedded in patients and extremely difficult to remove. The lawsuit also claimed that the manufacturer failed to do sufficient clinical testing to ensure it was safe and failed to warn consumers of the potential hazards. 

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