Construction Zones Are Dangerous Places

Time-lapse photo of street at night showing streaks of headlights and taillightsThe title of this post may be stating the obvious, but construction sites do present very real dangers for the public at large. It’s helpful to remember that the construction company has an obligation to maintain the area in order to minimize these hazards to motorists and other passers-by. Unfortunately, lapses occur and injuries happen.

Car Accidents

You may drive through a construction zone every day, perhaps even more than one. Construction on our roads and highways can create a number of hazards for motorists. They can cause accidents involving multiple vehicles, or an accident with just a single vehicle. Here are some of the conditions present in a construction zone that could lead to a car accident:  

  • Poor signage. Construction companies are required to have appropriate signage warning drivers that they are entering a construction zone in order to help them navigate the construction zone safely. Failure to post these signs can result in car accidents. In some cases, the signs have blown down or fallen, or are no longer where they need to be due to changes in the area itself. Whatever the case, inadequate signage is a common cause of car accidents in construction zones.
  • New traffic patterns. New traffic patterns can cause a number of accidents, particularly for drivers who drive those roads every day. A sudden lane merge, stop sign, or diversion can result in unpredictable and unsafe driving conditions.
  • Poor road surfaces. The road surface in construction zones can become compromised due to the volume of heavy construction equipment, the presence of gravel, stone, or other materials. Potholes and crumbling asphalt can create unsafe driving conditions. The road surface can be especially dangerous if they are working on the road itself. All of these conditions, especially if coupled with poor signage and new traffic patterns, can make it difficult to stop or maintain control of your vehicle and result in an accident.  
  • Construction entrances. Construction entrances can be especially dangerous. Heavy, slow-moving trucks and other construction vehicles entering and exiting can cause traffic to suddenly slow down and even stop.

Trip, Slip, and Falls

The area surrounding a construction area isn’t just dangerous for motorists, construction zones can be particularly dangerous for pedestrians as well. They may close the sidewalk entirely, forcing you to cross a dangerous intersection or walk out into traffic. Injuries due to trip, slip, and falls are probably more common. Similar to the road surface, sidewalks can become broken and uneven. Lighting may be poor, making it difficult to see barriers, cables, or other equipment. The construction company has an obligation to ensure that the areas open to pedestrians are safe and may be held liable if you are injured.

Falling Equipment or Debris

Another potential source of injury at construction sites is from falling equipment or debris. Again, the construction company has a duty to make sure the surrounding area is safe for pedestrians. If you’re injured due to falling equipment or debris, the construction company may be held liable for your injuries.

Contact an Atlanta Area Construction Zone Accident Attorney

Construction zone accident cases are more complicated than the typical car accident or other personal injury cases. If the construction company is at fault, even partially, you will have to deal with a corporate entity that is intentionally structured in a way to guard against claims. An experienced construction zone accident attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. The attorneys at Slappey & Sadd can help – call us at 888-474-9616 or send us an email in order to schedule a free consultation.

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