Failure to Yield Accidents

Aerial view of a busy intersectionWhen motorists fail to abide by the rules of the road, dangerous accidents happen. Failure to yield is one such issue, and it is one of the most common infractions on our roadways. Some motorists take it upon themselves to scoot in and out of traffic according to their discretion and believe yield signs and yield rules are intended for other drivers. If another motorist’s failure to yield leaves you injured, contact an experienced Atlanta-area personal injury attorney

Yielding the Right-of-Way

There are many situations on the road in which we must slow down to allow for the safe passage of others, and the law dictates who has the right-of-way in these situations. Georgia’s right-of-way laws help keep our roadways from devolving into dangerous chaos, and they include:

  • When you approach a yield sign, you must slow down and be prepared to stop for any oncoming traffic.
  • When you merge into a different lane, you must yield to all other motorists who are already traveling in that lane.
  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way at four-way stops, and motorists should move through on a first-come, first drive basis. If you arrive at the same time as another vehicle, whoever is right-most has the right-of-way. 
  • You may make a right turn at a red light (after stopping and yielding to all oncoming traffic) – unless a sign is posted to the contrary (No right on red).  
  • Always yield to any police, EMS, fire, or other emergency vehicles (when their sirens and lights are activated) by slowing down and moving over to the side of the road. If you’re in an intersection at the time, move through the intersection before pulling over. 
  • Always yield to workers in construction zones and highway maintenance vehicles.
  • You must stop for any school bus that has its red lights flashing and its stop sign activated. If you are on a highway with a median and are traveling in the opposite direction, stopping is unnecessary. 

Even though the laws regarding yielding the right-of-way are clear, if you find yourself in a driving situation where another driver refuses to yield the right-of-way to you, it is always in your best interest to back down and proceed with extreme caution. Motorists who think right-of-way laws are nothing more than suggestions for other drivers are dangerous drivers who should be avoided whenever possible. Ceding the right-of-way to a bully on the road is safer than challenging them.   

An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in the Atlanta Area Can Help

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