Social Media and Your Personal Injury: A Risky Combination

Social Media App IconsIt seems that everyone uses at least one social media platform these days. These platforms are an innovative way to connect with others, whether it’s Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media giants. You probably have friends or followers that are family, co-workers, professionals, both old and new friends, and perhaps even professionals you use, such as your hairdresser or doctor. Maybe you share updates about your children, your job, politics, personal life, your pets, or even recipes. The sky is the limit with what you can share on social media, but should you worry about what you share during a personal injury case?  An experienced Georgia personal injury lawyer can best answer this question.

The Detriments of Social Media in Personal Injury Claims

If you are like most people, you have probably posted something in the past that you regretted or that caused more problems than it was worth. Posting about your personal injury case, no matter the type, and even other details of your life will potentially be detrimental to your claim. The biggest problem with social media use while trying to settle or litigate a personal injury claim is that you can reveal something that brings the facts of your case into doubt. A skilled Georgia personal injury attorney will tell you that it is best to stay off social media for the duration of your claim.

Examples of How Social Media Use Can Harm Your Case

Although it may seem unlikely, there are several ways that social media can put your chances of compensation at risk.

  • You could contradict your own testimony: You claim that you broke your leg but posted about playing basketball just a few weeks after your accident.
  • You could reveal your activities and whereabouts: You check in on a social media app at a movie but claim your injuries have left you unable to sit for more than 30 minutes at a time.
  • You could show what you are capable of: You post pictures of your kids on a hike, but you are the one who took the photo.
  • You have pictures posted from your vacation a year before your injury occurred: Although this has nothing to do with your claim since it was posted before your injury, the defense may still try to use this against you, whether accidentally or purposefully.
  • Family and friends can make comments that hinder your case: Many kinds of comments, even well-meaning ones can harm your case, such as comments about how much you deserve to get paid for your injuries, how you need money, or how well you are overcoming your injuries.

Like many personal injury plaintiffs, you might be thinking this won’t happen to you or that you are careful and won’t let others see your posts. Continue reading in part two of this blog to find out why this is flawed thinking.

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