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A man holding an e-cigarette and exhalingWe’ve previously discussed the dangers associated with vaping and e-cigarettes. In the most recent development raising safety concerns associated with vaping, a former Juul executive has claimed that the company knowingly shipped over 1 million tainted nicotine pods. The allegation was uncovered as part of a lawsuit that was filed, claiming that the executive was fired because he opposed company practices. If true, the claims could expose the Juul company to massive liability from anyone who suffered injury from a contaminated Juul pod. 

The Atlanta product liability lawyers at Slappey & Sadd know how to hold corporations accountable for their dangerous products. Founded in 1992, we have decades of experience in getting injured Georgians the compensation they deserve. If you’ve been injured or suffered an illness due to vaping or e-cigarette use, contact us at 888-474-9616 for a free consultation or case evaluation. 

New Products – Same Legal Standards

A person vapingThe CDC has recently released a report stating that they are investigating 530 cases of lung injuries that are believed to be related to the use of e-cigarettes. More locally, the Georgia Department of Public Health is also investigating some severe respiratory illnesses that are believed to vaping-related. Local governments are restricting the sale of vaping products, as questions have arisen over whether or not these products are truly safe. 

The  products liability attorneys at Slappey & Sadd have been watching these cases closely. If you’ve suffered an illness or an injury related to the use of e-cigarettes or other vaping products, we can evaluate your case and help you understand your options. Call us at 888-474-9616 or send us an email to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation. 

Severe Lung Illnesses and Injuries

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