Summer 20201 Pool Safety Update

A man swimming in a pool One of the top causes of unintentional death among kids aged between one and four years old is drowning. In 2017, approximately 163 children below 15 years old drowned and died in swimming pools and spas, based on reports by the USA Swimming Foundation, a campaign partner of Pool Safely. Of the 162 kids, 112  were under five years old.

Although swimming pools and various swimming spots usually offer fun retreats and entertainment from the heat, they could likewise cause severe injuries, and sometimes, even death. Whether it’s diving into shallow water or slipping and falling, swimming pools are among the leading causes of all kinds of accidents and personal injuries. If you or your child is hurt in a pool accident, you should call our personal injury lawyers in Atlanta immediately.

Common Causes of Accidents in Swimming Pools

While the water in swimming pools poses a clear risk of accidental drowning, the area around the pool and surrounding equipment could also pose potential dangers, especially to children and older folks. The most common causes of accidents and injuries in swimming pools include:

  • Slick and wet surfaces
  • Shallow water levels
  • Insufficient warning signs
  • Lack of supervision
  • Excessively dim or faulty pool lights
  • Broken glass inside and around the swimming pool
  • Lack of or missing emergency devices, such as flotation devices

However, there are certain times that people cause swimming pool accidents on their own. For instance, a lot of people contributed to their accidents because they were horsing around. Likewise, some people could cause pool accidents by having too much alcohol and then swimming. Based on a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), up to 70% of deaths involving water recreation also involved alcohol use.

Drinking alcohol contributes to accidents in pools and hot tubs since it negatively influences the intoxicated person’s balance, judgment, and coordination. A lot of pool users likewise suffer from dehydration due to sun exposure, and dehydration significantly intensifies the negative effects of alcohol in the body.

Staying Safe While Swimming

You can help protect yourself and your family against swimming pool accidents by:

  • Not swimming alone, whenever possible
  • Not jumping on or pushing other people inside the pool
  • Always checking the water level before diving or jumping into the pool
  • Avoiding excess sun exposure
  • Walking very carefully on slippery surfaces and decks

Parents can likewise help safeguard their kids from pool accidents by:

  • Getting CPR training
  • Paying close attention to what your kids are doing and where they are
  • Teaching them to swim
  • Checking out the pool’s water level
  • Instructing kids to avoid playing near the pool drains

Consult with The Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers of Slappey & Sadd

If you or a family member got injured in a pool accident that resulted from someone else’s negligent actions, you can pursue compensation to cover your losses. Liable parties can include private homeowners, waterparks, hotel management and owners, government entities, as well as other entities that manage or own public swimming pools.

Severe swimming pool injuries and fatal drowning cases, particularly those that involve kids, are best handled by an experienced personal injury attorney. Reach out to us here at Slappey & Sadd, LLC, and arrange a free consultation with our Georgia personal injury attorney by calling 404.255.6677 or contacting us online.




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