Summer Travel Picking Back Up

Route 66As the U.S. reopens, the AAA expects roughly 37 million individuals to travel between Thursday and Monday this Memorial Day weekend. This is a massive increase from 2020’s record low travel rate. The AAA also states that this number is a 60% increase from the previous year when only about 20 million people traveled for Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately, summer travel also means summer car accidents for some people. If you’re hurt in a crash this summer, be sure to call the Atlanta car accident lawyers at Slappey & Sadd immediately.

Most Memorial Day Weekend Travelers are Driving

The majority of travelers, about 34 million, this Memorial Day weekend will take to the road instead of the skies to reach their destinations. Travelers can expect higher gas prices, which are at their highest since 2014. Additionally, although the number of travelers who will be flying, roughly 2.5 million, will still be lower than last year and 2019, this number represents a whopping 577% increase from 2020. 

The primary reason for this increase is the increased rates of covid-19 vaccinations across the country. Tons of people have put off traveling until they’ve been fully vaccinated. But as more and more people get vaccinated, consumer confidence also increases. 

Some Complications to Consider

Although the number of travelers still isn’t close to what it was before the pandemic, travelers should still expect traffic and other travel delays, so they should plan accordingly. INRIX adds that travelers plan alternate routes in advance and avoid evening commutes. 

The CDC recommends that unvaccinated people consider delaying traveling until they’ve been vaccinated. But if they do decide to travel, they should take safety precautions such as getting tested before and after traveling and staying away from other people (six feet minimum) who are not in their immediate safety bubble. In addition, everyone, whether vaccinated or not, must still continue wearing masks in terminals and public transportation. 

Staying Safe While Driving this Memorial Day Weekend

The AAA also offers these safety guidelines for drivers

  • Make sure to have your vehicle’s tires, engine, and battery professionally examined (and fixed, if necessary) before driving. This applies to all vehicles, regardless of age.
  • You should also plan your travel routes in advance to avoid unnecessary delays. According to the AAA, they’re gearing up to rescue more than 460,000 travelers on roadsides in various states this Memorial Day weekend. 
  • Don’t forget to pay close attention to your fuel level and plan your refills accordingly. Allowing the fuel tank to dry out is not just a minor inconvenience but could likewise result in costly mechanical issues later on.
  • It’s also crucial to remember that certain state and local travel restrictions might still be in effect, so you should still follow all covid-19 safety guidelines wherever you are and whenever appropriate. You can also refer to the covid-19 travel restrictions map by the AAA for further guidance. 

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