Black Friday Auto Statistics Point to the Need to Play It Safe

0-2-300x200While everyone gets wrapped up in Black Friday shopping, that type of fervor can also lead to accidents and deaths. This is well-supported on the roadways, where facts show that the number of auto accidents spikes during the Thanksgiving holiday.


Thanksgiving and Black Friday: One of the Most Deadliest Holiday Periods

According to statistics, Thanksgiving is the fourth deadliest holiday on record – even more deadly than New Year’s Eve, which is one of the safer holidays. 


The fourth Thursday in November and the three following days ranks number eight among deadly holidays on the roadways.


Thanksgiving, which includes Black Friday shopping activities, also ranks as one of the longest of holiday weekends. Like other holidays, drinking and driving contribute to deaths and injuries on the highway. Plus, Thanksgiving and Black Friday represent a holiday period where driving is the heaviest.


Again, it’s far safer to drive on New Year’s Eve when law enforcement is increased, and drivers are more cognizant about being pulled over for DUI and speeding.


Why More Accidents Take Place

The stress of traveling and shopping, combined with getting to places on time, leads to driving frustrations. These feelings trigger drivers to become impatient, rude, irritated, and destructive. 


On top of all the commotion, some holiday “Black Friday” sales begin early or on Thanksgiving eve, all of which adds even more stress and increases the congestion. Fatal crashes total, on average, 390 during the long holiday.


However, congestion is not the only reason for traffic fatalities. People also tend to get into more severe collisions when the roads are clear. That is because they increase their speed, which can lead to some serious fatalities. While the number of accidents is reduced, the impact of the crashes is typically greater.


This was shown during the pandemic when people stayed home more often. In Georgia, during this time, traffic deaths increased by 7.3% from the previous year.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration emphasized that 28,190 people were killed in auto crashes during the first nine months of 2020, an increase of 4.6% over 2019. 


Not only do you have to play it safe on the highways during Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but you also have to use caution in the stores. People get excited by the prices and deals, which can lead to injuries that result from shoving, trampling, or trips, slips, and falls.


How to Make Thanksgiving and Black Friday Safer

To ensure a safer Thanksgiving and Black Friday, you need to follow the tips below before leaving home:


  • Plan for weather extremes: Check the weather conditions before you get inside your car.
  • Check to make sure your vehicle, including the tires, is in tip-top shape. If your car needs a repair, get it fixed before you set out on a trip.
  • Carry blankets with you if the weather is especially cold.
  • Designate a driver if you’re planning on drinking. No one should ever get inside a car intoxicated or drunk.
  • Drive carefully, which means drive defensively. Follow the rules of the road.
  • Give yourself extra time when you drive. To ensure you get to where you need to go on time, allow for additional driving time. This will lift the need to “rush” or speed on the roads or highways.
  • Plan your route ahead of time. You may find that traveling a new way will help you avoid excess traffic, which will lead to a pleasanter and less-stressful trip.


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