When Nursing Homes are Negligent

doctor in an operating roomIt’s well documented that the coronavirus can be life-threatening for the elderly and those whose immune systems are already impaired. As a result, nursing homes and other facilities frequented by the elderly must take extra precautions to minimize exposure to their residents and clients. The truth is, however, that these facilities face a number of challenges even without the current epidemic. Sadly, many nursing homes fail to keep their residents safe and do not provide the care that they promised. 

Nursing homes can be negligent in several different ways, such as failing to comply with regulatory standards or as a result of poor maintenance. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the common sources of negligence in nursing homes. 

Inadequate Staffing

Many nursing homes do not have enough employees to provide the necessary level of care. This is often the case during night shifts, as nursing homes may have difficulties in finding people to work overnight. Some nursing homes have critical staffing shortages around the clock, however. While this may not necessarily be the nursing home’s fault, government regulations and industry standards mandate certain staffing requirements in order to ensure the safety of all nursing home residents. 

Inadequate staffing can lead several problems. Residents may fall because they cannot get the help they need to get out of bed. Medications may not be dispensed on time or at all. In the event of an emergency, staffing shortages may lead to serious injuries or even death because no one could respond in a timely fashion. 

Inadequate Training

Another common problem in nursing homes is the staff can lack the necessary training they need to handle common issues. This is often related to being under-staffed – people who lack the necessary training or certifications wind up being asked to meet staffing needs. This can have the same result as being understaffed, as residents may not be able to get the care they need in critical moments. In addition, it can also lead to residents receiving improper care that can cause illness or injury or make an existing injury or illness worse. 

Poor Maintenance and Cleaning

Many nursing home residents have mobility issues, poor eyesight, and other disabilities that can make it difficult to get around. Broken stairs, missing handrails, poor lighting, and other maintenance issues pose definite risks to residents. When a nursing home fails to keep up with necessary maintenance, it can result in severe injury and possibly even death. Diseases, infection, and other problems can arise from failing to keep rooms and common areas clean. 

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