4 Serious Complications of Dog Bites

dog-bite-1000x480-1-300x144When dog owners fail to take their responsibilities to the safety of other people seriously enough, serious dog bite incidents can be the result. Being attacked and bitten by someone else’s dog is not only terrifying but also dangerous. In fact, dog bites are closely associated with several very serious health complications. If someone else’s dog leaves you or someone you care about injured, turn to the professional legal counsel of an experienced  Atlanta dog bite attorney today. 

Health Complications 

There are four primary health complications that are closely associated with dog bites, and they are all very serious. 

One: Serious Infections

Many varieties of bacteria can live in a dog’s mouth, including:


  • Staphylococcus – Serious staph infections can be life-threatening. 
    • Pasteurella – According to Infectious Disease Advisor, Pasteurella is closely associated with animal bites, and these infections commonly lead to pain, tenderness, and swelling that can rapidly develop into serious health concerns. 
  • Capnocytophaga – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shares that Capnocytophaga is closely linked to dog bites and that it can lead to serious health issues such as blood infections, inflammation of the heart’s lining, and abscesses. 


Two: Broken Bones

When a dog bites a child or when the dog who does the biting is large, its savage bite can break, splinter, or otherwise fracture bones. The most vulnerable body parts include the feet, hand, arms, and legs. 

Three: Nerve and Muscle Damage

When a dog bites deeply into its victim’s flesh, it can cause damage to the underlying nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. Even if the injury area is small, such as puncture marks, the underlying damage can be immense. 

Four: Disfigurement

When a dog bites on or near a victim’s face, it can leave him or her permanently disfigured, which can be as emotionally damaging as it is physically and financially. 

Your Losses

If someone else’s dog bites and injures you, the physical, financial, and emotional losses you experience can include all the following:


  • Medical Expenses – The more serious the complications you suffer are, the higher your medical expenses are likely to be.  
  • Lost Earnings – A dog bite can interfere with your ability to do your job, and you can suffer a loss of wages – and even a decrease in your overall earning potential – as a result. 
  • Pain and Suffering – The emotional pain and suffering associated with being injured by a vicious dog bite can be difficult to overstate. 


An Experienced Atlanta Dog Bite Attorney Is Standing By to Help 

If someone else’s dog bites you, the emotional toll you experience can be as difficult to overcome as your physical and financial losses are. If you have been so injured, the formidable Atlanta dog bite attorneys at Slappey & Sadd understand the gravity of your situation and have the experience, legal skill, and drive to help. Your claim and your recovery are important, so please don’t delay contacting or calling us at 888.474.9616 for more information today.

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