Why Are Most Civil Cases Settled Before They Go to Trial?

adult-business-deal-collaboration-1376864-1024x683-1-300x200The vast majority of personal injury cases are settled by the parties without a trial. In many cases, at-fault parties want to settle so that they can limit their liability, as judges and juries can be unpredictable. It also allows injury victims to get paid more quickly and without the stress of going to court. That said, it’s critical for victims to retain an Atlanta personal injury lawyer even if it looks like their cases are going to settle.

Read on to learn why most personal injury cases settle, and call us today to speak to an experienced lawyer about your case. 


Settlement is faster. 

The litigation process can take months – or even years. Court dockets have become even more backlogged in the wake of COVID-19. Because courts were shut down entirely, working remotely, and only operating at partial capacity for extended periods during the pandemic, there has been a backlog of cases. Some courts are working through this backlog by encouraging more cases to settle. Others are simply scheduling new cases as best they can. In some cases, this means the case will not get a trial date for years to come. A settlement can be accomplished in a matter of weeks after an accident. Many injury victims would prefer to be done with the case and get paid immediately, rather than waiting for the uncertain outcome of a trial that may not happen for years to come. 


Settlement saves on litigation costs and attorney’s fees. 

Litigation is expensive. The parties must usually pay their own attorney’s fees, in addition to court costs and administrative fees (like service of process or a records request fee). Your attorney will also have to hire expert witnesses to testify at trial. These expenses are significant, and they come out of your injury award. 


Settlement allows the parties to control the outcome of the case. 

The outcome of a trial is never certain. Even if your case appears to be a “slam dunk”, it is still possible for a jury to find for the defendant, or award much less than your case is fairly worth. Settlement allows you to avoid the risks of trial. By agreeing to a settlement amount, you know exactly what you will be paid, and what the outcome of your case will be.

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