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An illustration of a head showing the brainIn the U.S., traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are a leading cause of disability and death. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shares that the number of hospitalizations, visits to the emergency room, and deaths related to traumatic brain injuries were up 53 percent in 2014 (from 2006). This translates to 155 TBI-related deaths every day. The fact is that TBIs happen, and they often have devastating effects that reverberate throughout the victims’ families and support systems. If someone else’s negligence leaves you with a traumatic brain injury, consult with an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer today.

The Effects of a TBI

A serious TBI can have dramatic negative physical and emotional effects on a victim’s life, including:

A white triple-trailer semi truckWhile there are obviously many similarities between car and truck accidents, there are also some fundamental differences. From the potential issues involved to how the claim gets handled, truck accidents can be more complicated than car accident cases on a number of levels. For this reason, some personal injury attorneys specialize in truck accident claims so that they can better represent their clients. An experienced truck accident attorney can help you get compensated for your injuries quickly and fairly. 

The law firm of Slappey & Sadd has been working with truck accident victims in Atlanta and across the state of Georgia since 1992. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to help you put your life back together. If you’re injured and need help, call us at 404-255-6677 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. 

Truck Accidents Are Often More Severe

An illustration of the brainWe wrote a post not too long ago about traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), many of which are caused by car accidents. One of the most common symptoms of a TBI is memory loss, which is often difficult to diagnose and can be even harder to treat. If you’ve been in a car accident and are wondering if you may be suffering from memory loss, we hope that this post gets you pointed in the right direction.  

The Symptoms of Memory Loss

Memory loss can often be difficult to detect as the symptoms are mostly subjective. Even after an accident, many victims don’t want to admit to themselves that they are having memory problems, let alone anyone else. The accident may have also caused the victim to suffer from anxiety or depression as a result of the accident, which can also mask the symptoms of memory loss. Here are some common symptoms of memory loss following an accident:

An illustration of a head showing the brainBrain injuries occur far more often than many people realize. According to the Georgia Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission, 1.7 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year. Of those, 52,000 will result in death, and 275,000 will be hospitalized. In their most recent study, Georgians suffered 15,608 traumatic brain injuries as of March 2017, more than half of which were caused by car accidents. If you’ve been in an accident and hit your head, you may have suffered a brain injury that could lead to lasting complications.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Defined

The CDC defines a traumatic brain injury as “a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that disrupts the normal function of the brain.” The CDC notes that traumatic brain injuries encompass a range of injuries from mild to severe. The most common mild TBI is a concussion, but we know that even mild concussions can have long-term consequences.  

Car accidents can lead to a number of injuries, including bruises, broken bones, and whiplash. One of the more severe injuries that are common in car crashes are brain injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 14.3% of all traumatic brain injuries are caused by car crashes, affecting roughly 2 million Americans per year. These types of injuries are so severe because the brain is the most important organ in the body, and even minor injuries to it can have long-ranging and life-altering effects.

Causes and Effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are caused by violent blows to the head, either from being struck with an object or from the head coming into contact with a hard surface. There are two types of traumatic brain injuries: open and closed. An open traumatic brain injury occurs when a foreign object pierces the skull and enters the brain. A closed traumatic brain injury is caused by a bump or a blow to the head. Because closed head injuries are much more common than open head injuries in car crashes, that is the type that we will focus on here.

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